Rear View Multi Camera Interfaces (6 AV Inputs)

  • The Factory Radio display can switch between  the factory camera and additional cameras
    1. Six A/V Inputs: Connect additional cameras or A/V sources to view the front touch screen.
    2. Phone Screen View Via HDMI: Display the screen of a connected smartphone or the factory radio display (view only; functions must be performed from the smartphone)
    3. Video in Motion: Drivers can keep an eye on select camera views to monitor blind spots, rear-seat infants or slow-moving traffic.
    4. Guide Lines on Rear Camera View: The factory or aftermarket rear camera view is enhanced with helpful guides to aid in measuring distance while backing up.
    5. Retains All Factory Features and Functions: If equipped from the factory, vehicles features such as HD Radio(r), Sirius XM, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluethooth handfree and audio streaming, Pandora Internet Radio control, OnStar, voice-activate control and auxiliary / USB ports are retailed and function normally.


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