Floor Mats

Best Floor mats for your car. Discover the perfect blend of style and protection for your car’s interior at Carma Auto. Protect your car’s interior, maintaining it’s long term value. Best deals at Carma Auto

Steering Wheels Covers

Interior Accessories

Dash Kits

Best Dash kits for Car at Carma auto in Mount Royal Canada. Perfect fit for any car models, customizable, with beautiful wood grain and modern carbon fiber.


Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler  

Heated Mirrors

Exterior Accessories  

Running Boards

Exterior Accessories  

Tonneau Covers

Exterior Accessories      

Roof Racks

Exterior Accessories    

Bug Deflectors

Exterior Accessories  

Sun Deflectors

External Accessories

Car Covers

Exterior Accessories  


Exterior Accessories  

Bed Extenders

Towing & Hitches

Exterior Accessories        

Custom Grills

Exterior Accessories  

Chrome Trim

Exterior Accessories        

Grill Guards

Exterior Accessories  

Wind Deflectors

Exterior Accessories  

Fender Flares

Exterior Accessories    

Bike Racks

Exterior Accessories  


Audio Electronics   Double DIN DVD/CD/AM/FM/MP3/WMA/AAC/FLAC/WMV/MP4/AVI Receiver with Motorized 7″ Touchscreen Display, MirrorLink, Built-In GPS, Built-In Bluetooth, MIXTRAX, HD Radio and SiriusXM Ready   Double DIN AM/FM/MP3/WMA/FLAC/AAC/MP4/AVI Digital Media Receiver with 6.2″ Touchscreen Display and Built-In Bluetooth Double DIN DVD/CD/AM/FM/MP3/MP4 Receiver with 6.2″ Touchscreen Display Built-In Bluetooth and GPS Navigation Double DIN DVD/CD/AM/FM/MP3/MP4 Receiver with […]


Audio Electronics  


Audio Electronics  

Subwoofer, Bass & Enclosers

Audio Electronics  


Audio Electronics  


Audio Electronics  

DVD Headrest

DVD Entertainment  

10″ DVD

DVD Entertainment  

DVD Flip Down

DVD Entertainment  

DVD/CD Players

DVD Entertainment  

Chrysler Overhead DVD Screen

DVD Entertainment  

Rear View Back Up Camera

Dash Cams & DVR

Parking Sensor

Blind Spot Sensors

Factory Integrated Back Up Camera

Audi A3  ●  A4  ●  A5  ●  A6  ●  A7  ●  A8  ●  Q3  ●  Q5  ●  Q7  ●  S4  ●  S5  ●  S8 BMW 1 Series  ●  2 Series  ●  3 Series  ●  4 Series  ●  5 Series  ●  6 Series  ● 7 Series  ●  i3  ●  X3  ●  X4  ●  X5  ●  X6 Chrysler ● Ram ● Jeep GM Mercedes

Head Lights


Off-Road Lights


Tail Lights


LED Lights


Fog Lights


Replacement Bulbs


Custom Wheels

Wheels And Tires AcuraRead moreAudiRead moreBMWRead moreFordRead moreGMRead moreHondaRead moreInfinitiRead moreJeep Chrysler DodgeRead moreLand RoverRead moreLexusRead moreMazdaRead moreMercedesRead moreMiniRead moreMitsubishiRead moreNissanRead morePorscheRead moreSubaruRead moreToyotaRead moreVolvoRead moreVolkswagenRead more

Wheel Covers

Wheels And Tires  

Navigation Mirrors

Cooling Seats

Interior Accessories     Stay Cool on the Go: Introducing the Ultimate Cooling Seats in Mount Royal Canada. Start on a journey of cool comfort with our selection of the best cooling seats designed specifically for Canadian drivers. As temperatures rise, beat the heat and enjoy a refreshing drive with our top-rated cooling seat solutions. […]

Heated Seats

Looking for the best heated seats for cars in Canada? Look no further! Carma Auto offers a wide selection of top-notch heated car seats to keep you cozy during the coldest drives. Say goodbye to chilly commutes and hello to comfort tailored to Canadian vehicles. Contact us now!

Lumbar Support

Looking for the best lumbar support for your car? Our premium products offer incomparable comfort, suitable for any vehicle model. Visit Carma Auto online store now at Mount royal Canada.

Custom Fit

         Wheels And Tires            RWC wheels are custom manufactured to fit your vehicle. All RWC wheels are produced using the most advanced technology available. The alloy material corresponds to the A356 alloy heat treated (T6) standard. Each RWC wheel is designed to perfectly match the technical features […]


         Wheels And Tires            


Web-programmable remote start solution for select Mercedes-Benz and Sprinter models 2003-2015. Features data immobilizer bypass (no key required) and ‘plug & play’ installation t-harness. Now includes two long range transmitters: one 2-way, 1-button (up to 3000 ft) and one 1-way, 1-button (up to 3000 ft). Also supports ‘3 X LOCK’ remote start from factory transmitter. [...]


Web-programmable remote start solution for select Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Volkswagen models 2008 and up. Supports ‘3 X LOCK’ remote start from factory transmitter. Supports ‘3 X LOCK’ remote start from factory transmitter. Can be paired with optional range extender kits sold separately.


Web-programmable remote start solution for select Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep models 2005 and up. Supports ‘3 X LOCK’ remote start from factory transmitter. Can be paired with optional range extender kits sold separately.


Remote start solution for Chrysler ‘Tipstart’ and PTS models 2011 and up. Includes ‘plug & play’ t-harness. Features ‘3XLOCK’ remote start from factory transmitter. Can be paired with optional range extender kits sold separately.


Factory Integrated Navigation System

Audi A4  ●  A5  ●  A6  ●  A7  ●  Q3  ●  Q5  ●  Q7  ●  S4  ●  S5  ●  S6  ●  S7 Chevy Colorado  ●  Cruze  ●  Impala  ●  Silverado Series  ●  Suburban  ●  Tahoe  ●  Yukon Ford C-Max  ●  Edge  ●  Escape  ●  Explorer  ●  Flex  ●  Focus  ● Fusion  ●  F-Series  ●  Mustang  ●  Taurus  ●  MKS [...]

Tail Light Guards

Exterior Accessories Best Tail Light Guards at Carma Auto: Protecting and Enhancing Your Vehicle’s Rear End In the world of automotive customization and functionality, tail light guards stand out as both protective shields and stylish accessories. These guards not only add a rugged aesthetic to your vehicle but also serve a practical purpose by safeguarding […]


Exterior Accessories Winches: Unleashing the Power to Overcome Off-Road Challenges In the world of off-road adventures, a reliable winch is more than just an accessory; it’s a lifeline that can pull you out of challenging situations and turn obstacles into conquerable feats. Whether you’re navigating through muddy trails, traversing rocky terrain, or assisting others in […]

Side Mirrors

Exterior Accessories Reflecting Safety and Style: The Significance of Side Mirrors for Modern Vehicles at Carma Auto Side mirrors, also known as wing mirrors or door mirrors, are a fundamental component of any vehicle, serving the dual purpose of enhancing safety and contributing to the overall aesthetics. Beyond being reflective surfaces, side mirrors have evolved […]

License Plates

External Accessories License Plates: More Than Just Numbers and Letters on the Road License plates, often overlooked in the realm of automotive aesthetics, play a crucial role in vehicle identification and regulation. However, they are more than just a combination of numbers and letters; license plates have a rich history and continue to evolve in […]

Led Light Bars

Lighting Brightening the Road Ahead: The Illuminating World of LED Light Bars Get the best LED light Bars at Carma Auto In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive accessories, LED light bars have emerged as a beacon of innovation, transforming the way vehicles light up the road. These powerful and energy-efficient light sources have become a […]

Tesla Style Android Direct Replacement Radios

2018 OEM Integration Solutions RAM/ DODGE 1500 // 2014 – 2017 // 10.4 Radio / Android multimedia Table, fits vehicles w/4″ or 8″ display // TS-DGPU10-4RR-4/ 2500 // 2014 -2017 // 10.4 Radio / Android multimedia Table, fits vehicles w/4″ or 8″ display // TS-DGPU10-4RR-4/8 Key Features: 12.1 inch touch screen plug-in System iGo NextGen Navigation […]

Cruise Control

    Interior Accessories Available for Korean, Japanese and american Vehicles

Rear View Multi Camera Interfaces (6 AV Inputs)

2018 OEM Integration Solutions The Factory Radio display can switch between  the factory camera and additional cameras Six A/V Inputs: Connect additional cameras or A/V sources to view the front touch screen. Phone Screen View Via HDMI: Display the screen of a connected smartphone or the factory radio display (view only; functions must be performed […]

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Interior Accessories

Power Locks and Power Windows

Interior Accessories

Power Lift-Gate

Interior Accessories Available car models: Honda Crv 2017 - 2018 Honda HRV 2016 - 2018 Mazda Cs5 2016 Ford Escape 2016 - 2018 Hyundai Tucson 2016 - 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe 2016 - 2017 Jeep Cherokee 2016 - 2018 Nissan Rogue 2016 - 2018 Toyota Rav4 2016 - 2017 Toyota sienna 2016 - 2017 Chevrolet Equinox [...]

Satellite radio

Audio Electronics     STRATUS 7 & VEHICLE KIT   Features:   View artist, song title and channel information 10 presets: Enjoy fast access to your favourite channels Push-button navigation: Surf channels on the fly FM transmitter or stereo audio output to connect to your vehicle’s radio FM preset function: Store the best FM frequencies […]

ROSEN Headrest

DVD Entertainment     The AV7950H Headrest Monitors elevate the in-vehicle entertainment experience. Each Factory-match headrest comes with capacitive touch controls, integrated 7.0″ LCD Hi-Def displays, HDMI input for smart device connectivity, auxiliary input for external sources, full system controls, 2-way up-down tilt, all-channel FM transmitter to play audio through the vehicles sound system, the ability to […]

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