Tury© Anti-theft & Throttle Control


“Unlock the ultimate in vehicle safety and convenience with the Tury Anti-Theft Device. Integrate up to 16 security functions, from throttle control to alarms, directly into your original remote. Enhance comfort with smart lighting, home gate opening, and more. Easy installation with original connectors. Optional budget-friendly COMFORT 1.1 model available.”



Elevate Your Vehicle’s Safety and Comfort with the Tury Anti-Theft Device

Why settle for basic when you can have extraordinary? Our Tury Anti-Theft Device seamlessly integrates with your vehicle’s original remote control, offering you an unparalleled layer of security and convenience.

Advanced Security at Your Fingertips

Unlock up to 16 robust security functions with a single device! For instance, if your car starts without your authorization, you can choose to kill the vehicle’s throttle completely, rendering it immobile. Need to add an extra layer of protection? No worries—the specialized anti-theft module is available separately for those who require even more security.

Customized Control for Valet Parking

Entrusting your luxury car to a valet? Use our specialized valet function to limit the throttle to just 5 km/h, ensuring the valet won’t take your prized vehicle for a joyride.

Unleash Your Vehicle’s Full Potential

What’s more, our device can even increase your car’s throttle by adding horsepower, making your vehicle not just more secure, but also more powerful.

Drive in Comfort with Smart Features

But we don’t stop at security. Experience the added benefit of up to 10 comfort functions designed to make your journey more enjoyable. Automatic lighting, timed activation of headlights and taillights, and even home gate opening—these are just a few ways the Tury device enhances your driving experience.

Hassle-Free Installation

Concerned about complicated installation processes? We’ve got you covered. The Tury Anti-Theft Device comes with original connectors, making it effortless to install while preserving the integrity of your vehicle.

Looking for a Budget-Friendly Option?

Meet our COMFORT 1.1 model. Offering the same incredible features without the original connectors, it’s the perfect solution for those who want exceptional value without compromising on quality.

Consult the manual for a comprehensive list of functions and features. Upgrade your vehicle’s capabilities today with the Tury Anti-Theft Device!


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